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About Foxbright

Foxbright has specialized in complex integrated Internet solutions and website design since 2001. We offer affordable prices, professional implementation, and customer-tailored solutions for organizations of any size. Foxbright is a majority woman-owned company based in Grand Rapids, MI.

Foxbright employs highly qualified programmers and designers. We strive to deliver superb quality within your deadlines at excellent prices. We works with you to achieve your goals by integrating the advantages of web technology into your overall communication strategy. Our clients expect rapid deployment and measurable results. We build Web applications that work.

The world keeps changing. Your organization is doing a pretty good job of keeping up, but is your website? Foxbright has worked for years providing the tools necessary to transform the web presence of many different organizations.

Foxbright Support

Foxbright provides 3 ways to get support


You can submit a question or issue by sending an email  to

 Online Help Desk

 Visit the on-line help desk for user guides, FAQs and video tutorials

Phone Support

You can always give us a call

  • 616.988.2400 option 1
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