Core Classes

Harper Woods Middle School Core Classes

7th Grade Core classes

English Language Arts

7th grade English is a comprehensive study of the English language, including reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.  These skills will be taught through learning about a variety of different genres from Biographies and Autobiographies to mysteries and mythological stories.  The 7th grade English class will also work extensively on those skills laid out by the 7th grade GLCE and content benchmarks.


This math course is designed to meet the State of Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations for seventh grade mathematics. The primary focus in grade seven is the algebra concept of linear relationships, including ideas about proportional relationships. Students should understand the relationship between equations and graphs, tables and contextual situations. Additionally, simplifying and solving expressions and equations is also a focus. A secondary focus of this course is the similarity of polygons, which also draws on the concept of proportion. Further areas of study concern square and cubed roots, as well as the application of ratios and rates in real-world investigations.


Seventh grade students learn about content and processes of science in the following discipline areas:

  • Astronomy: Solar System, Seasons, Earth as the Living Planet
  • Botany: Plants as Food Factories from Cellular Level to Multicellular Organism
  • Taxonomy: Classification of Living Organisms
  • Geology: Dynamic Earth Process that Shape the Planet
  • Heredity: Genetic Structure and the Mechanisms of Inherited Adaptations over Time

Social Studies

Seventh grade Social Studies encompasses the study of ancient civilizations in the eastern hemisphere. Students will be introduced to the basic geography skills, the land and its people. They will be engaged in a variety of active learning strategies as they develop an understanding of how the past is interpreted, as well as political, economical, social and religious interactions among peoples and civilizations in the Middle East and Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia.

8th grade core classes

English Language Arts

Eighth Grade English Language Arts curriculum and instruction is designed to help students develop skills for integrating listening, viewing, speaking, reading and writing texts. Students will examine the tools and strategies for integrating and comprehending both written and spoken material, including narrative and informational texts, as well as developing the skills to analyze poetry, captions, and graphically presented texts. Students will also write for various audiences and multiple purposes to produce paragraph writing, summaries, reviews, compositions and poetry.

Mathematics (Pre-Algebra)

This course is designed to prepare students for Algebra. This course includes a review of integers, fractions and percents. Solving equations and inequalities are covered as well as an introduction to statistics and probability. Basic geometry is also covered. Students will also spend time at the beginning of the year preparing for the 8th grade Mathematics MEAP test which is held during the month of October.


The 8th grade science curriculum primarily focuses on the physical sciences with many experimental opportunities. Matter and energy are key concepts that are stressed. Energy is studied in the form of waves as many ideas are explored regarding sound and light. This course investigates how atoms and molecules form and change in a brief unit on Chemistry. Electromagnetic energy is studied with a Electricity and Magnetism unit. Motion, Work and Energy is another main area of study for the 8th graders. Smaller units covered include: units of measurement review, and Water on the Earth.

Social Studies

The 8th grade Social Studies class will study the time period from the American Revolution to Reconstruction. This will include the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, major court cases that affected the makeup of our country and its legal system. The course will cover the GLCE’s and benchmarks set forth by the State of Michigan.

8th Grade Academically Talented

Algebra I

Students are placed into 8th grade Algebra I through an application process, review of previous coursework and standardized test score(s). Algebra I lays the groundwork for higher levels of mathematics. It begins by developing rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students use real numbers as well as variables, solve linear and quadratic equations. In addition graphing systems of linear equations will be studied. Other topics include polynomials, factoring, functions and exponents. Students will also spend time at the beginning of the year preparing for the 8th grade Mathematics MEAP test which is held during the month of October. Students earn one high school mathematics credit when they successfully complete 8th grade Algebra 1. 

Earth Science

The honors Earth Science curriculum offers high school science credit to selected 8th grade students. Placement in this course is based upon application, review of previous coursework and standardized test score(s). The advanced curriculum allows the students to study Rocks and Minerals, Water on the Earth, Forces Within, Our Oceans, The Atmosphere and Astronomy. Students are required to do a Science Fair project at home as part of their learning experience. Hands on opportunities abound for these students.