School of Excellence

Harper Woods School of Excellence

We are pleased to announce Harper Woods School District is one of only seven selected districts/schools to be participants in the “School of Excellence” project in partnership with the United Way and General Motors.

District & High School ‘Re-Design’ 

GM has funded this effort with a grant of $27.1 million. This partnership will extend the “High School Re-Design” plan submitted to the MDE by the district earlier this year to include a focus on early childhood development. This “book-end” approach will focus on the development of early childhood programs, high school graduation and college readiness. The staff and administration are excited about the implementation of these plans and we ask your support of these efforts. 

  1. The creation of an “Early Childhood Learning Center” for use by young children and their families. 
  2. An extended school day at the high school level. Our teaching staff has agreed to extend the school hours from 2:30 until 3:30 four days a week, with a 1:30 release on the 5th day next year. This early release day is tentatively planned for Wednesdays. As a result, students will receive an additional three hours of instruction each week. “Extended Learning Time” is identified in research as a critical variable when working to improve student performance and we are excited about the opportunity this extended day will provide our students. 
  3. Another welcome addition to the secondary campus will be the Learning Center. The Learning Center will be a resource center for middle school and high school students featuring tutoring and computer resources designed to propel students of all ability levels forward academically. It will be open before and after school as well as providing specific programming during the school day. 
  4. HWHS will increase the rigor of its academic programs by adding, for the second year in a row, a new Advanced Placement course. 
  5. HWHS will intensify its focus on parent and community involvement. A community council/parent organization will be developed to ensure that the school is responsive to the needs of parents and community and a “community liaison” position created. 
  6. HWHS will institute an advisory period for each student. Advisory periods will focus on career development and college readiness. Students will be paired with a staff member who will serve as an advocate for the student from their freshman year until graduation.