City Year Detroit

City Year Detroit

City Year Detroit's young adult corps members serve our city as full time AmeriCorps volunteers from September through June. Living on a small stipend, they volunteer Monday through Saturday for an average of fifty hours per week.

They serve four full days each week in highly diverse teams at partner schools, where they mentor and tutor students and create and lead after-school programs for more than 2,000 students each year. On Fridays and special occasions throughout the year, they partner with more than 100 community organizations to lead and carry out large-scale, transformative physical service projects where they engage and inspire our city's neighborhood, educational, corporate and elected leaders to join them in service to our community. At least one Friday per month is dedicated to leadership development activities for the corps, preparing them for a lifetime of service. Each Saturday corps members lead and mentor middle and high school students in service learning activities through our Young Heroes and City Heroes programs.

City Year's FOCUS

Keeping students "In School & On Track" Every 26 seconds a student gives up on school in America. In Detroit and across the country, City Year is helping address this crisis. Breakthrough research reveals that students who are most at risk of dropping out can be identified as early as 6th grade through the key early-warning indicators of Attendance,Behavior and Course performance in math and English -the "ABCs."

Students who are off track in just one of these has only a 25% chance of graduation.

Focus on ABC's

City Year's corps members serve full-time as classroom tutors, mentors and role models to work one-on-one and in small groups with students whose performance is off-track in Attendance,Behavior and Course performance in math and English. This targeted tutoring and mentoring helps to improve student performance in the ABC's - and keep them in school and on track to graduation.

Full time four days per week

In each of our partner schools, Monday through Thursday for the entire school year, City Year Detroit corps members are a full­ time presence from the first bell until the end of the after-school program, helping to build a more positive school climate.

Positive learning environment

City Year Detroit corps members add a critical mass of people power at their partner schools and provide the right supports to the right students at the right time. These "near-peer" role models help students and schools succeed by improving Attendance,

Behavior and Coursework. The idealistic culture and values of City Year infuses energy and spirit into the life of the school and helps transform each school's culture into a positive learning environment for all.