Harper Woods Attendance Policy

  • In Harper Woods Schools, students are expected to have a minimum of a 95% attendance rate.  This allows 9 absences per year or 5 absences per semester on an "excused basis."  In order for an absence to be "excused," the parent/guardian must contact the school to inform the school of the absence.
  • In Harper Woods Schools, it is required that a student have at least a 90% attendance rate. This allows 18 excused absences per year or 9 absences per semester.
  • Students exceeding the above 10% limitation will be identified as "chronically absent/truant."  In such instances, the school district/school will partner with other governmental agencies such as the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, local courts of jurisdiction and/or The Department of Human Services, etc. so as to support regular school attendance among all students.
  • A "communication plan/warning system" for students, parents/guardians and families that begins as a student reaches an attendance level that is less than 95%, or more than 9 absences, will be operational in the district.
  • These expectations are to be communicated to families by including them in registration and orientation packets.

Harper Woods Late Arrival and Early Release Policy

  • Every four "late arrivals" (tardiness) to school and/or class will be equivalent to "one absence."
  • No more than 3 "early releases" per student per year. Upon the fourth "early release", and every fourth thereafter, an "absence" will be added to the attendance count.
  • These policies will be included in every registration and "orientation packet" provided to families.

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